Celebrations of LifeWelcoming a child into your family is an enormously rewarding experience. It’s an event that affects everyone present: family members and friends.

Our extensive experience ensures that the event matches your vision of the perfect ceremony you want to give your child. With us on your side, you will have a happy and memorable experience throughout the ceremony, from the beginning to the end.

Customers Reviews:

When pregnant with our second child, friends had prepared a baby shower luncheon and asked Dahana to perform a Native American Blessing at the occasion.

Guests brought their contributions of food for the luncheon and gifts for the new addition to be joining our family. Some brought a gift for our 5 yr old daughter.

Imagine everyone’s surprise to find Mom and Baby on the sofa resting peacefully. Our son had been born at 5:00 am.

After the initial ‘oohs and ahs’ were done, Dahana smoothly shifted gears, inviting everyone to form a circle around the new family and hold hands as she spoke a blessing over us. She called out his unique gifts that he came in with, included his big sister in the blessing thanking her for showing him the ropes, and reminded us all of our roles to honor, love and guide him.

After our lunch, each guest spoke of their choice for the gift of nature they brought. So much thought went into every aspect of the event. We all agreed Dahana had created the most memorable baby blessing event we had ever been a part of.

– The Riley Family

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